Diversity of People Equals Diversity of Ideas

“None of us is as smart as all of us. Keeping your ideas to yourself is detrimental. Diversity of people equals diversity of ideas.” — Denise Jacobs

Sometimes people feel reluctant to share their ideas with others as they are afraid of being wrong. They assume that others will make fun of their thinking.

But if you do not share your ideas with others, how will you know what others think about a particular thing, and how will you boost your thinking?

Sharing a thought with others opens up hundred new ways of thinking. Everyone that listens or reads your ideas interprets it in a different way. If you keep your ideas to yourself, you will never grow and your thinking will become limited.

Same is the case with Design thinking. You cannot sit alone and design your ideas. You have to collaborate your ideas with people around you, and listen to their opinions. Only then it becomes possible to reach to your desired outcome.

Collaboration is part of design process. It is best to start collaboration early in the process and continue it throughout the product development.

To make this process work as effectively as possible, you need to collaborate with others to generate ideas in the first place.

Make people part of your process and involve them at each stage of the process. This way you will take advantage of their experiences coming from a variety of fields, thus moving towards successful completion of design projects.

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